Project highlights

Artificial Intelligence

Cybersecurity Analyzer has the ability to understand documents related to cybersecurity.

Machine Learning

Similar to a humai being, our robot becomes smarter as it is trained.


Cybersecurity Analyzer was awarded the prestigious prize PatriotFest 2018.


The solution is the result of 3 years of research conducted in The Bucharest University of Economic Studies.

Skills & Technologies

Cybersecurity Analyzer is an innovative software solution that analyzes and understands documents about cybersecurity.

Built on an ontology which contains over 10.000 elements, the solution is able to identify relevant aspects related to cybersecurity. Cybersecurity Analyzer is an Artificial Intelligence solution. Similar to a human being, it has the ability to understand text, identifying classes of concepts, entities and the relations between them.

The software solution is based on Machine Learning algorithms, becoming more powerful as it is trained. Using the obtained results, feedback is extracted and the model is automatically improved. Cybersecurity Analyzer has already been trained with documents which contains over 300,000 words.

Cybersecurity Analyzer can be adapted to automatically detect and interpret hacker discussions. The solution can also be used as a tool for information and learning for both cybersecurity experts and anyone interested in using the computer or other intelligent devices safely.

Programming skills
Hours of Work